Consultation and Initial Appointments

I provide an initial (15 minute) free phone screen to assess what is bringing you to therapy and determine if I am the right kind of therapist for you. The next step is a consultation, which could last about one hour, where we would both decide whether we should work together. If we do work together, I will spend several sessions learning about you and what it is that brought you to therapy. My sessions generally run about 50-55 minutes. I might ask you a series of questions at first about your present issues and your past, as well as other  experiences you have had in therapy, and you can ask me questions about how I practice, my basic philosophy, and how I might address certain problems. Over time, I would obtain less information and concentrate more on what you were bringing to the therapy sessions. I will use my training, perspective, and therapeutic relationship with you to see where and how I can best help and may offer certain interventions that might address your specific concerns. I encourage my patients to question me and to express any concerns they may have.

Contacting Me

You may contact me via email or telephone, 917-763-4540. I will return your call as soon as possible, although I cannot return calls when in session. If you are in crisis, or having an emergency you should go immediately to your nearest emergency room or call 911. I will return other calls within the same business day. If you are not easy to reach, please let me know in your message some good times to contact you. If I am to be away for an extended period of time, which is not typical for me, I will leave an emergency contact of a trusted colleague.

Rates and Insurance

Insurance Plans

I am credentialed with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Healthfirst NYC. Since I am on these panels, your sessions are covered if you have these insurances. You may be responsible for copayments or coinsurance; contacting the member information website or number on the back of your insurance card can provide you with that information, along with your deductible and out of pocket maximum for the year. If you do not have either of these insurances, the remainder of my practice is fee for service. If I am not on your panel, I will be happy to work with your insurance company to help you get reimbursed for your sessions with me.

It is important to read about your mental health coverage in your insurance coverage booklet and ask your insurance company some specific questions.

  • Whether your carrier provides mental health benefits,
  • How many sessions are covered and how much is reimbursed,
  • Whether you have a deductible, and if so how much it is,
  • Does your plan offer out of network reimbursement,
  • Whether you are responsible for a copay or coinsurance,
  • Do you need any prior approvals,
  • Does your insurance carrier require any specific information about your provider.

If you are not using your insurance during our initial consultation I will set a fee for your sessions. If you agree, you may either choose to pay in full by cash, credit card or check at the end of each month, whereupon I will provide you a statement that says “paid in full” for you keep for your records or use to obtain out of network benefits, which will include the appropriate codes for you to submit to your insurance carrier to get reimbursed. I understand that the wish to improve your life must be weighed against the financial commitment you will make.

Fees for Fee for Service Clients

$150-$175 per session. Sliding fees are possible, depending on the time of day you can schedule sessions.

Form of payment for Fee for Service Clients

Credit card, check or cash

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

I recommend that my clients not miss more than four therapy sessions a year. However, I understand that they may at times have emergencies and may not be able to make a session. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you are not able to come to a session and it is not a true emergency, a $50 cancellation fee will be applied. I would prefer not to charge for missed sessions and I will make every attempt to reschedule, although this is not always possible. If you are anticipate being late, please inform me by text or a phone call. Whether I may be able to extend our session to accommodate lateness depends on my schedule that day.